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Personalize your garage storage system with slatwall and accessories.

Garage Organization & Accessories in Eastern Iowa, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids & Nearby

Garage slatwall, track system & other accessories

Garage organization slat wall & accessories

At Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa, we pay attention to the details that can elevate your garage from junk drawer to front door. Innovative garage wall organization options, lighting and accessories can transform the feel and function of your space. A bulb dangling from the ceiling or a light screwed into the garage door opener just won't cut it.

Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa can help you reimagine your garage with a neat, organized garage slatwall or wall track system, along with energy-efficient LED lighting to brighten up your space. Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa knows many homeowners consider their garage their true front door, and we're here to make it your own! We offer the following garage organization and accessories:

Revamp your garage with the Dream Team at Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa. We offer all of our garage renovation services in Davenport, Bettendorf, Iowa City and nearby throughout Iowa. Give us a call to schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation and estimate today!

Garage Slatwall

Garage Slatwall

Our HG Slatwall is yours to customize. It's a blank canvas that you can pair with our compatible hooks, loops and baskets for an organization system that is totally tailored to your needs. With professional installation by our Dream Team, Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa's slatwall set is second to none.

The slatwall set is available in 4 sharp-lookin' colors to coordinate perfectly with the rest of your garage. You can hand-pick the size of your slatwall so it holds exactly what you need it to, and maximizes that available storage space. Industrial-grade PVC is durable and resistant to mold, mildew and other wear and tear.

Garage Track System

Garage Track System

Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa's wall track system provides next-level garage wall organization with a minimal footprint. The durable, steel HG track keeps long, big or bulky items safely off the floor but readily available when you need them. Snap in HG hooks, loops and baskets for a totally custom solution that gives every shovel, rake and lawn chair a home.

Garage Slatwall Accessories

Garage Wall Accessories

Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa provides trusted wall organization solutions to keep your garage neat and tidy. We know not everything in your garage will fit in a cabinet, so we've designed a selection of multi-use wall accessories to pair with our HG slatwall and track systems.

Compatible organization components include:

  • Hooks
  • Loops
  • Baskets

We sell two combos - a 10-piece kit, recommended for every 4x8 foot section of slatwall, as well as a 5-piece kit for smaller spaces like the HG track system. We also offer pieces you can add individually for a more custom organization solution. Wall accessories are sold separately from our storage solutions.

Overhead Garage Lighting

Overhead Garage Lighting

Create a more inviting garage with the long-lasting and energy-efficient HG Overhead Lighting system from Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa! With three movable panels, you can angle the light to where it is needed most. Plus, you can adjust the brightness to how you see fit.

  • Longer life - The components of an LED light substantially extend its lifespan.
  • Energy-efficient - Uses only 45 watts of electricity and produces 3,500 lumens - this is brighter than four 60 watt bulbs!
  • High intensity & brightness - Unlike standard bulbs, LEDs can produce a much stronger light.
  • Low radiated heat - When electrified, LED bulbs emit electromagnetic energy as light. So they don't radiate heat in the same way that standard bulbs do.
  • Reliable - LEDs can operate safely in colder temperatures and can endure more vibration and impact than standard bulbs.
Garage Bike Hook

Bike hooks

The garage is a perfect place to store the kids' bikes close and safely out of the elements. But as an entryway, a storage space or a work area, floor space is key to making your garage the most productive place it can be. That is why we provide bike storage hooks that allow you to vertically hang your bikes in seconds and keep the floor clear of clutter.

The heavy-duty bike storage hooks support up to 40 pounds and carry all wheel sizes, except for fat tires. The bike hooks also include a rubber sleeve to prevent scratches to the bike and a tray to prevent scuffing on the wall.

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Accessorizing can truly make a space your own. From energy-efficient overhead lighting to heavy-duty bike hooks and genius wall organization systems, Hello Garage of Eastern Iowa can help you smash your garage organization goals — the only limit is your imagination!

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